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Timepiece's Hello Again x Aurigan Dunes National treasure

We are so excited for this litter from a champion producing set of parents. One puppy is in a wonderful home in Eugene, Oregon, another is ruling the roost on the west side of Olympia, Bruce is living in Bellevue and will be starting his show career in a few months.   And finally, Darcie is staying with us.   You will see her in the show ring in the spring of 2020

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our wonderful Cardigans. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Tailbrite Timepiece's Starlite Trilogy


His Call Name is "Benjamin"

Benjamin is an old style Cardigan with plenty of bone and prosternum.  He is our security system( in a good way), our emotional support dog and a wonderful family member.  


Benjamin's father is the well known Tailbrite Dark before Dawn.   Call name was Crescent.   He was an AKC Champion and sired many a NW Cardigan

Benjamin's mother is Beaguile Good To The Last Drop, another AKC Champion.  Her call name is London and is lives in Hood River, Oregon.


Benjamin is the first to come, the first to try to please.   He is also the self appointed "Fun police" and it's his job to make sure that no one has too much fun.   He has passed on his wonderful temperament to all of his offspring who have excelled in the show ring, in Barn Hunt, Agility, Canine Good Citizen, and as all around family dogs.  He has puppies in Denver who love the ski slopes, and puppies in Pullman who are doing very well in the show ring.   He's definitely an all around dog.

Show history

Mary Joyce and Denise Waiting handled Benjamin in limited showing to his Championship in 2018

other honors and titles

Benjamin currently has his Trick Dog and Canine Good Citizen awards and is currently working on Novice Barn Hunt.


As of 2019, Benjamin has produced 5 litters with puppies from each litter doing well in the show ring or at home.  He has puppies who live in Denver, Seattle,  Pullman, Texas and Virginia who all do very well in the show ring or in the home. One of his last litters produced "Timepiece's Uptown Girl" who became a Champion on her first birthday with limited showing.  

Timepiece's I am I said


His Call Name is "Raylan"

He was the first born out of our very first litter and he has surpassed our wildest hopes and dreams at every corner.   He is an ambassador for the breed, he is always happy, ready to play and is always affectionate.   He's smart as a whip and loves to hunt rats and chase balls.


Raylan's father is the well known Merrythought The Keeping Quilt.   Call name is "Keeper".   He was an AKC Champion and has sired many  NW and National Cardigans

Raylan's mother is Aurigan Timepiece's Sweet Caroline, another AKC  Grand Champion and who now is owned by Mary Joyce and Mark Long. Under the loving care and handling of Mary and Mark, Caroline has excelled at Barn Hunt, Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog.  She is currently learning how to race in something called "Fast Cat." Her call name is Caroline.


Raylan is the sweetest, most affectionate dog that you could ever find.   Nothing bothers him and he can live in anyone's house.  He is always in high demand from my friends who love to have him visit for a week or two, and he is always the first to greet a newcomer to the farm.  He has his own favorite cat that he loves and will chase tennis balls until YOU are tired.

Show History

Raylan was best puppy at the 2016 Regionals in Richland, WA..  At that show he won award after award and an Award of Merit while in the big dog class.  He went on to beat many older dogs at the 2017 Nationals in the Megan class and was awarded the Best Brindle Cardigan dog in the country.  Since then he has gone on to  become a grand champion who is working on his bronze Grand Championship.  

Other honors and titles

He was awarded The Canine Good Citizen this year, as well at the Advanced Urban Canine Good Citizen Ward.   He has his beginning trick dog titles and is currently working on getting his first title in Barn Hunt.   


Raylan has puppies located all over the states of Washington, Virginia, Texas, and Oregon.    The four puppies from different litters who went to Nationals in 2019 all were in the ribbons under various judges at that show.  His puppies show the same wonderful personality and ease of living with humans.  He truly is the special dog in every respect.

Timepiece's Hello again


Her call name is "Rachel"

Rachel was shown on a limited basis early in her life but really didn't care for the hubbub of show life.   She would much rather be back at the farm making sure that all is right with the world.   In 2018 she produced three wonderful puppies, one of which is dearly loved in Seattle, another is dearly loved in Denver and the third is our own beloved Champion Elle.  


Rachel's father is the well known Merrythought The Keeping Quilt.   Call name is "Keeper".   He was an AKC Champion and has sired many  NW and National Cardigans

Rachel's mother is Aurigan Timepiece's Sweet Caroline, another AKC  Grand Champion.  Caroline has excelled at Barn Hunt, Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog.  She is currently learning how to race in something called "Fast Cat." Her call name is Caroline.


Rachel is a bit standoffish at first and plays second fiddle to her rambunctious, outgoing brother Raylan, but she holds her own when it comes to love and affection.   She is a terrific ratter and we hope to get her into Barn Hunt classes this winter after this litter is weaned and on it's way to wonderful homes.

Show History

As we have mentioned before, Rachel and the show ring were not cut out for each other.   Rachel is more of a stay at home girl who would rather patrol the fences, keep the horses in line, and small varmits at bay.

other honors and titles

She is top dog in our book having produced three wonderful structurally correct and personality filled puppies in her first litter, and now four chubby very look alike puppies in the 2019 litter. In the Hunter x Rachel litter, it was extremely hard to choose the top puppy during the evaluation.   All were very structurally correct, all have great personalities and all are very well socialized.  We are very excited for their futures.


Rachel produced Rocket who lives in Seattle and who is a Cardigan Ambassador for the breed in the local neighborhood.  He is an absolute ball of fun for his owner.    Rainier lives in Denver and is the ambassador for a local brewery.  He spends his time camping and sliding down the ski slopes when not making sure that any beer that is brewed is nothing but the best of quality.  Elle is the puppy that we kept because she just caught our eye.   She has gone on to win time after time in the show ring and was best puppy in the country  in her age division shown by an amateur handler in 2019.  Each puppy has surpassed our wildest expectations and we couldn't be happier with what our dear Rachel has produced.

We are eagerly awaiting to see how this 2019 litter shapes up in the show ring as well as family dogs.  You will see two of the puppies (Darcie and Bruce) in the show ring starting the spring of 2020.

Timepiece's uptown girl


Her call name is "Elle"

We are still reminded by all our friends that for the first two weeks of her life, we were going to find her a home because "She has too much white for what we like in a Cardigan."   By a month old she had captured our hearts with her antics and her personality.   And just about every judge who sees her now remarks about how she owns the ring and is just so sure of herself.   THAT seems to be an understatement in Elle's world...


Elle is sired by our Benjamin and her dam is our very own Rachel


Elle is extremely sure of herself in most situations.   Judges have called her regal, assured, self reliant, and extremely intelligent.   She is also extremelyvery protective, friendly and alert.   She is the first to cuddle in a chair with someone on a cold winter night and the first to ask to play on a warm day.   In the show ring she learned to pull on my skirt for attention if I wasn't doing my job 100% to her satisfaction.   She's quite a youngster.

Show History

Elle won her class and went on to Winners bitch in her very first show at just six months of age.   On her first birthday she garnered points for her third major and became an AKC champion.   She caught the eye of reknown breeder Barb Hoffman and placed 6th in the class of 22 at the 2019 Cardigan Nationals.   A day later she placed first in her class of 21 under the esteemed breeder judge Jon Kimes.   We truly could not have been more excited.  Her show career is just starting and as long as she loves it in the show ring, we will continue to have fun with her wherever she takes us.

Other honors and titles

Elle is a Canine Good Citizen, a Novice Trick dog, and is on her way to being titled in Barn Hunt.   In 4 Barn hunt classes on her first weekend, she qualified in three (I made a handling error in the 4th), and won two of the classes with terrific times.   Mark Long currently handles her in Barn Hunt and the two make an incredible team.   They are working towards their Barn Hunt Open title and hope to have it by October 2019


As Elle is only a year old, we have no plans to breed her currently.  After she turns two and has her hips x-rayed, we will re-evaluate our thoughts.