PHOTOS FROM Around the Farm

A close up of the eye and mane of a horse.


Most of our horses are 15.2 hands or less. Because we use smaller horses, we cannot take students who weigh more than 200 lbs.

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Charlie started Timepiece Arabians in 1976 as a business but had been teaching for many years before that. And she has been teaching ever since. She has ridden with top hunter jumper instructors in Connecticut before moving to Alaska, where she won the 1974 rodeo Cowgirl of the Year buckle in Kodiak. She followed that up with riding for Mike and Karrie Osinski, John Camlin, Kevin Freeman, Ellen Mahaney, and a variety of other NW dressage, jumping, and eventing instructors. In 1999, she was introduced to Buck Brannaman and rode with Buck for 13 years. She's ridden with Ray Hunt, Peter Campbell, and Joe Wolter, to name just a few, and is currently riding with Martin Black.

She brings years of experience in all sorts of disciplines to each lesson at the farm, as well as a sense of humor and a sense of purpose.

Come ride with us on great horses in a great setting.


Josh Wilson

Is our youngest instructor. People describe him as an old soul in a young body. He has the ability to get our students posting and steering correctly in just a few lessons. He often thinks outside the box and is always the first to step in to help in whatever way he can. The amount of information that he imparts to the younger students, his understanding of what needs to be done, and his ability to sympathize and empathize are just outstanding.

We are extremely excited to share our journey with him as he continues to grow in his horsemanship and teaching education. More importantly, he plans on taking all that he has learned about people, horses, and dogs to vet school in the future.

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