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Here at Timepiece Arabians, we believe in dressing in a respectful and safe manner. Thus, the following requirements are for personal clothing, boots, and helmets.

All students should wear some sort of legging or jeans that covers the ENTIRE leg, down, and into the boot. Jeans should not have large snaps, large buckles, or seams that will mar leather saddles or be uncomfortable. Pants should not have rips or tears of ANY kind. Belts without large buckles should be worn whether the student is in breeches, leggings, or jeans. Tops must cover the midriff, be able to be tucked down into the pants, and have sleeves that cover at least half of the upper arm. All of these requirements are for the safety of the rider.

Boots can be of any sort (English, or western) as long as they have a correct riding heel.

We will provide helmets for the first 4 rides. By the 5th ride, the student should purchase their own ASTM type of helmet and then mark their name on the inside. Tack Room Too on Lee Street in Tumwater has a great selection and can help find a proper fit. Remind us to give you a complimentary 10% off coupon for Tack Room Too.

Horse Tack & Horse Supplies - Tack Room Too

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Timepiece Arabians SUMMER CAMPS

Timepiece Arabians hold two to three summer camps a year. Timepiece Arabians prides itself on how much the students are able to ride during each day of the five-day camp. (Usually 2–4 hours of actual riding time during the 10 AM to 4 PM camp.) We spend more time in the saddle than most camps, and when students aren't riding, they are involved with mini lessons that range from leadership, mentorship, teamwork, clipping, feeding, hoof trimming, setting up jump courses, trail courses, and many other fun and practical needs.

In 2020, we canceled all camps due to Covid. In 2023, we will not decide to open Timepiece Arabians Summer Camps to the outside public until after June 1st, 2023. Prices will rise in 2024. Again, camps and opening the farm to outside students depend upon vaccinations and the lack of any type of surge or variant.

Since we have students for such a concentrated amount of time, we work on getting our students farther along in their riding journey. Our students will spend time working over cavalletti, jumping stadium courses, cross-country courses, and riding bareback. They might learn to throw a loop with a lariat, safely pull logs, ride drill rides, or possibly even cool off while riding their horses through the sprinkler.

We only take 8-10 students for each camp, and each camp fills up very fast. And we have a 1 to 3 ratio of instructors to students. We take a $250.00 non-refundable deposit one month before each camp. 2024camp fees will be $600.00 for each camp.

Again, this isn't a camp where a student is led around from the ground for a week, or the student spends time painting ponies or not being very active. Our students work and ride hard and have a great deal of fun while doing so.

If your child or you yourself are interested in honing your riding skills, learning more about horses, or even riding, please consider calling us and perhaps attending a Timepiece Arabians summer camp.

Read about more information on our summer camps in each section of Summer Camps in the "Schedule" section of this website.


We have several small Cardigan Corgis and a variety of wildlife who often do not pay attention to oncoming cars. In addition, we have several cats that visit the neighbors across the driveway and often come screaming across the driveway on their way home - regardless of who or what is coming down the driveway. Couple all of the above with the fact that we share the driveway WITH a neighbor, and we ask that you drive the speed limit while on our ENTIRE driveway...


Please do not speed down the driveway; slow down to the correct speed when you think that we can see you.

And it is 3 MPH as you make the turn into the entrance of our driveway/parking area through the main gate where the puppies frequent.



As you enter the parking area, please drive extra slowly, and please notice where any dogs may be. Benjamin, the black and white eleven-year-old male, is not very savvy around cars and always comes to greet you. Raylan, our two brindle dogs; Elle, our older black and white girl; and Emily, our youngest, are very friendly but are often too preoccupied to be aware of moving cars. Also, we often have puppies that are out and about and have not collected them before cars arrive. Please be aware of any dogs or cats of any size.
If you see ANY dog, please drive even more slowly and be aware of where everyone is or may be moving to. All the Corgis bark a lot, but if you move slowly, they will come up to greet you.

Finally, please do not park directly next to or in front of the garage so that we can not get the tractor, car, or truck out at any time. Please Park to the right of the large cedar trees located in the middle of the driveway circle.


We do NOT rent our horses out on an hourly basis, nor do we rent our horses out for trail rides, birthday parties or other such items. We are strictly a lesson facility.

However, we do rent our arena and round pen out for private riding and work should you want to ride out of the weather. We charge $10.00 each ride or a monthly fee of $50.00 a month. Please call ahead to check for times and availability. There is no haul in fee.


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Feeding and Greeting the Corgis & the Cats

Although they are extremely cute, and are very adept at begging, but please do not feed the Cardigan Corgis ANYTHING at all. They also bark a lot and make a lot of noise, but they are extremely friendly once they get to know you. They do know their job of greeting people, and so they are just very excited to do it.

However, please do not chase them or run after them in any way. They are herding animals and love to chase. This is their home, and we appreciate people and children who are respectful to our animals...

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Because this is a private home with a business that is open for visitors only four days a week, we really value our privacy when the farm is closed. So, please call and make an appointment before arriving at the farm so that someone can be available to answer any of your questions.

We will NOT schedule Farm Tours on any other days other than Monday through Thursday during lesson times. This allows you to see the lessons in progress, meet the instructors, and see the facilities.

Thank you.

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Any personal or private items left at the farm for more than six months after you no longer take lessons at Timepiece Arabians will be given away to Goodwill. We simply cannot be responsible for your items, nor can we store items, as our space is limited.



We hope that you give us a call, make an appointment, and come visit the farm to see what we are all about.

Charlie & Gary Anderson

Josh Wilson
The staff at Timepiece Arabians
4217 Libby Rd., NE
Olympia, Washington 98506

(360) 943-9076

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