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I was referred to the Andersons by a mutual friend; I had finally decided to get a Cardi! I emailed Charlie, knowing they were going to have their 1st litter in November 2015. I met them to see if I would be a good match. I asked lots of questions, and Charlie never hesitated to answer. I was able to meet Mamma & the Anderson’s other Cardis. I instantly fell in love with the breed. I was able to go back to see Momma grow. Prior to the puppy's arrival, there was a wrapping box, towels, supplies & everything needed for the puppies in the middle of the living room. This was actually the Anderson’s 1st litter (which surprised me). The amount of time and detail they spent on the litter was extraordinary! They made sure Mom and Dad were genetically tested for DM and Retinal Atrophy. The pups were born in November 2015. The Andersons began socializing the puppies almost immediately! In ten weeks, I was chosen for Izzie. I have never had such an incredible dog! I cannot imagine having any other breeder. Charlie has always been available to ask questions about training, dog food, natural remedies, and more. I could see & feel the passion they have for the Cardi breed. They are concerned about the betterment of this wonderful breed, and they are concerned for lifetime forever companions. Izzie has been extremely healthy; she protects us, makes us laugh, and loves us more. I keep in touch with the Andersons; we often visit to play with Izzie’s sister and brother and her breeder! I would recommend the Andersons in a heartbeat for breeding Cardigan Corgis. Sincerely, Terri Coty

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We first met Charlie and Gary Anderson and their pack of four cardigans, Benjamin, Caroline, Raylan and Rachel, in 2017. Since that first meeting, the joy and the adventure that has been added to our life is nothing short of incredible.

Caroline, whose 2015 litter produced Raylan and Rachel, now lives with us. This relationship gives us a unique perspective on what Charlie and Gary try to accomplish with their breeding program.

First, they are ethical. They’ve health-tested all their dogs and have the documentation to prove it. They also show their dogs in AKC confirmation and have the documentation to prove it. [A conformation championship means that the dog has been judged to be breeding quality by at least three neutral experts.]

Second, they are conscientious. They typically breed a litter only every year or so and only after careful planning with the goal of improving the progeny with each successive breeding.

Third, they are devoted to all their cardigans. When they bring a litter of new pups into the world, they set up the whelping box in their family room and truly live with them. They introduce them to people, household noises, cats, and lots of things a dog deals with every day. They teach them to play both indoors and outdoors, and they work on manners (sleeping in a crate, going potty outside, and coming when called), all before they’re ready to go home with their new owners.

We know firsthand that Charlie and Gary emphasize health, personality, and temperament when they plan a litter. They want their pups in the right homes with the right families. They have always been there for us whenever we’ve needed advice or ideas to deal with any concern. Charlie and Gary and all their cardigans are our extended family. There truly is a Best. Dog. Ever since, she has lived with us because Charlie and Gary decided we were worthy of her. We couldn’t love her or them more.

Mary Joyce Mark Long, and Caroline

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Rainier is our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the first herding breed dog we’ve owned. We were a little apprehensive about herding breeds in general, since we both only had experience with retriever breeds previously and had heard plenty of horror stories about neurotic and very high-energy herding dogs. Meeting the puppies for the first time, Charlie and Gary’s primary goal was getting to know the two of us, our home, our activity level, and our goals for a dog. It was clear from the first moment they met us that they wanted to match us with a puppy that would best mesh with our personalities and lifestyles - something that other breeders didn’t take the time to do. Charlie and Gary were very familiar with the quirks and personalities of each puppy when we met them for the first time in 6 weeks. Rainier loved to explore and was incredibly curious and quite independent at a young age. Being an active household, we knew we wanted a dog that would be excited to keep up with our lifestyle. After taking him home, they were available for training questions and gave us countless resources as we adjusted to our new puppy. At just over a year old now, Rainier is still very independent, loves to explore, and keeps up with all the adventures we throw his way! He is himself, and we can be with him! Camping, backcountry skiing, hiking, and fly-fishing are some of his favorite hobbies! We have embraced each other completely and can’t imagine a more perfect dog for our family!

Phil, Brit, and Rainier

Denver, CO

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